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The life of a surfer is unique. Sometimes it comes along with some sort of hazard with it, but most times the good side of the whole surfing adventure is that even the hazards that come with surfing are a part of the fun itself. Agadir happens to be one of the best surf free regions in Morocco, and Taghazout happens to harbor a special village that houses so much fun for surfers and adventurers combined.

The usual motivation for surfers is the wave of the sea, and sometimes the environment does determine whether the whole act of surfing would be fun or not. The Agadir region of Morocco harbors not just the sea but the ready waves that motivate surfers to try on their best game. The beach of Taghazout is just some minute drive from the road that links to the beach, and it is at this beach that the surf game is at its highest. When one gets to the beach, one would usually be met with the faces of awesome people who have the same mindset to also surf over the great beach. What is more is the fact that as opposed to other beaches around the world that allow you to surf over the sea without a little bit of training, the shore of Taghazout beach has a bulk load of trainers who would take out their time to suggest the best swim trunk for you before you think of surfing and they would also train you for a couple of minutes before you go ahead to enjoy your time over the sea.


Typically, the training session at the shore is for a period that does not last more than two hours but sometimes depending on how well you know about surfing; it could even be for a lesser period of time. While you train also, there would be surfboards which would be provided for you in other to ensure that you do not dive into your own danger and what is more is the fact that the boards are standard boards that would help keep you safe while you surf.

The environment of Agadir in Morocco has a lot of tourist attractions, and so whenever you get tired of surfing, there is no doubting the fact that there would be a lot of side attractions to keep you busy at all times.

Taghazout is tagged as the best fishing village in all Agadir, and the Atlantic that houses all of the fishes also houses with it a great pillar of waves that allows you to enjoy your entire time surfing. The water of the beach in Taghazout is warm, and in a short period of time, you will find yourself enjoying the cool sun that rays over the surroundings of the village. The environment of Taghazout has amazing people with amazing meals, they would attend to your curiosity with great delight and ensure that you visit all of the fun places before you finally decide to leave the village.

The typical guest houses where people stay whenever they visit Agadir is also quite remarkable. One of those houses comes with amazing scenery that allows you to enjoy the cool sight of the ocean alongside the breeze that emits from it. In the same guest house, if you are thinking of trying your taste bud on the kind of meal that you have never had before, you would realize that when it comes to the best kinds of delicacies, Agadir has the best of them. The culture of the Agadir people is one that accommodates people regardless of where it is that you are from, and so for this reason, fitting into the environment is not so difficult.

The nightlife in Agadir and also the spa is one that anyone wouldn’t want to miss when you visit this place. It has a top-notch class of quality that would make one wish that he or she could spend the rest of his or her life there. Your skin would glow so well that you cannot help the awesomeness that revolves around you.

One of the awesome beaches that you will find in all of Agadir is the Cherry beach. This beach is a beach that is best for beginner surfers, and what this simply connotes is that while one loves the images and ideas that come with surfing, the environment also allows you to start from the scratch if you would not mind. The Cherry beach is safe and it is one of the many places where the Cherry beach surfing competition is carried out.

The Killers beach is also another location that you would not want to miss in all of Agadir. The beach can be perused by both beginner and expert surfers and it has the ability to create a kind of wave that could rise up to 800 meters. Many people that do not actually go to this beach to surf, go there for the purpose of tanning their skins and also enjoying the beautiful sight of the ocean.

The act of surfing is better enjoyed when you have an environment that supports the activity. Sometimes when one surfs too much, one might get tired, but when the aesthetics of the natural environment is on par, there is no way in the world that one would be bored around there. Morocco is a notable place because of the tourist attractions that it harbors, but when it comes to the aspect of surfing and diving over the oceans, the better place to this is at Agadir or more particularly in Taghazout. Many people had commented about the awesome rendezvous that they have had when they last visited Agadir, and this has attracted so many others to the beautiful tourist location.

The hallmark of life is not just that life is beautiful, but that life while being beautiful, is worthy of our own enjoyment of it. This is why you need to visit Agadir and Taghazout in particular.

Best Surfing Spots

Cherry Beach

This beach is a beach that is best for beginner surfers, located in the south of Agadir and nearby Inzeganze.

Killers Beach

The beach can be perused by both beginner and expert surfers, accessible by the seaside of Agadir.

Banana Point

Banana Point is a small village located in the north of Agadir and only 3km from Tamraght, Banana Point beach is suitable for beginners who want to practice in a non-crowded area.

Devil’s Rock

North of Agadir and 8km from Taghazout Village, a beach break with pic left and right, ideal for advanced surfers.


A great surfing spot located in Imsouane and 90Km from Agadir, this beach is ideal for both beginner and expert surfers.

Desert Point

North of Agadir and near Tiguert, Desert Point beach is a rocky right-hand reef break that is great for beginners and intermediate level surfers.