Agadir Tennis Center

Unique Tennis Academy And Magical Experience

Agadir Tennis Center is a tennis academy located in Agadir with 16 Fields in a park of 4 Hectares sported calm where only the noises of the balls answer the neighing of the horses of the Ranch, 5 minutes from the seaside area of Agadir and enjoying ideal weather conditions throughout the year offering players an incomparable training comfort.

Training axes

  • Tennis (technique, strategy, style of play)
  • Physical (endurance, resistance, speed/explosivity, muscular strengthening, coordination)
  • Mental (determination/assurance/ confidence, self-transcendence, the awakening of the senses, concentration, rituals)

Hourly volume

  • The hourly volume for a typical week of 5 days (from Monday to Friday) corresponds to 45 hours of classes, sports and studies.
  • They will divide the week into 2 parts, 22:30 for the typical school volume and 22:30 for the volume of the typical sports (12H tennis, physical 7H30, 3H mental)

Player Tracking

Their goal is to accompany the child towards performance.
The follow-up will be sporty (tennis, physical, mental), medical and energetic

  •  Sports monitoring

To stimulate the sporting evolution of each one, one will determine objectives of time and result so that the child follows at best its progress within the academy.
Balance sheets will be made at the end of each week with the coaches. A debriefing will be scheduled for each competition.


  •  Medical monitoring

To respect the sport’s evolution of each, the child will have access to weekly medical monitoring. First, to make the most of its athletic abilities, and then to better adapt the training schedule in case of injury or convalescence.

  •  Energy monitoring

To balance the personal evolution of each athlete, we will guide the child each week to the automatisms to have (diet, biological rhythm, relaxation) and good habits to take to optimize his lifestyle.


  • Numerous Clay Court Courts
  • Running course
  • Soccer field
  • bowling
  • Archery
  • Riding stable
  • Ping Pong
  • Mini Golf

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Agadir Tennis Center, Agadir, Morocco
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Mon-Sun : 08:00 - 20:00