Festival Timitar 2019


THE 16th EDITION OF TIMITAR invites you to live a unique moment, at the 16th edition of the Timitar festival in Agadir. Timitar is more than just a festival, Timitar participates the influence of Amazigh culture around the world, and share with us Amazigh music and world music. This festival is for anyone who wants to revise their repertoire of traditional songs, but also to discover new artists.

When: From 03 to 06 July 2019
Location: Agadir, Morocco


For sixteen years, Timitar festival mainly dedicated to Amazigh culture and music of diversity whether traditional, contemporary or scholarly has become the most attractive of public events, dedicated to the world music in Africa as well as in all the southern zone of the Mediterranean. Over the years, the Timitar Festival has managed to retain a growing audience in all age groups combined. Animated by curiosity and enthusiasm growing up, spectators can discover or rediscover the musical treasures from here or elsewhere, but also applaud some of their favorite stars. That it is native of the entire Moroccan territory, from different parts of the world, each artist will feed and energize this program, which will focus this year on youth and his pronounced taste for contemporary music.

The 2019 edition of the Festival will also focus on enhancing the production of artists from immigration and join their western repertoires to those drawn from sources of their roots. Only you need to attend the ceremony and honor us by your presence, every day until the latest hours of the night, to celebrate with joy the 15 years of the festival. That’s all that you have to do!


Sixteen years of meetings, fun, and sharing. Today considered one of the most important festivals in the country. The Timitar Festival offers us every year a big event, now well rooted in the Moroccan cultural landscape. Timitar invites audiences from Morocco and the world to share a rich and intense musical journey bringing together Amazigh artists and artists all over the globe in Agadir. The success of Timitar, each year hailed for the craze it causes, as much in the demand of its programming as its capacity to make dialogue the cultures of the world.

The Timitar Festival welcomes an incredible musical diversity, between traditional music and contemporary music, Moroccan and worldwide, reflecting its openness and its spirit of discovery, with its determination to transcend differences.

The Timitar Festival makes music an instrument of gathering, union, and dialogue between cultures. The residencies of artistic creations realized each year in the extension of Timitar are an excellent illustration of the projects that took place during the Festival that make Timitar an exceptional event.

In fifteen editions, Timitar Festival has managed to retain an increasing audience numerous. Animated by curiosity and growing enthusiasm, the spectators can discover, or rediscover, the musical treasures of here and elsewhere; its impact now largely exceeds the geographical limits of the Souss region Massa and Morocco.

For these sixteen editions, nearly forty groups of very varied and diverse origins will perform on stage. They are native of Morocco, of Amazigh culture and other countries of the world, every artist will enrich this concert.

True to its spirit, the Timitar Festival will honor the traditional participants in the preservation of the traditions of Moroccan folk art, by welcoming several troops “Amazigh artists welcome music from around the world”.

The spectators of Timitar will be offered, once again, a Festival whose wealth, the novelty and the great diversity will excite and surprise them. It is this emotion that we propose to share with us to celebrate the 16 years of the Festival.

So we tell you all, welcome to Agadir and enjoy your time in Timitar, have fun!


Wednesday 03 July

Al Amal Square 20H

  • Ahidous Tazwit – Morocco
  • Raïs Said Outajajt & Raïs Abdellah Outajajt – Morocco
  • Najat Aatabou – Morocco
  • Ribab Fusion – Morocco
  • DJ Ali T / Vj Tekyes

Green Theater 20H30

  • Sallam Yamdah Mnat Aichata – Morocco
  • Eugenio Bennato – Italy
  • The Chehade Brotherses – Lebanon
  • Ait Laati – Morocco

Thursday 04 July

Al Amal Square 20H

  • Ahwach Haha Tamanar – Morocco
  • Raïs Aarab Atigui – Morocco
  • Ismael Lo – Senegal
  • Zakaria Ghafouli – Morocco
  • Addictive TV

Green Theater 20H30

  • Tribute to the word of the Rways “Raïs Moulay Idar Imzoudi – Raïs Mohamed Bismomyne – Raïs Mohamed Amrrakchi – Orchestre Raïs Lahcen Idhammou” – Morocco
  • Olga Cerpa – Spain
  • Fendika – Ethiopia
  • Inouraz Feat. Raïsa Fatima Tihihite, Ali Chouhad & Ahmed Amaynou – Morocco

Al Wahda Square 20H30

  • Karim Noujoum Souss – Morocco
  • Betweenatna – Morocco
  • Sofiane Saidi & Mazalda, Guest Kiriss – Algeria/Morocco
  • Lahcen Anir – Morocco
  • DJ AB / Vj Tekye

Friday 05 July

Al Amal Square 20H

  • Ahwach Fom Elhissen Bnat Zaouia – Morocco
  • Raïssa Fatima Tachtoukt – Morocco
  • Tinariwen – Mali
  • Hatim Ammor – Morocco
  • Toukadime / Vj Tekyes

Green Theater 20H30

  • Hicham Massine – Morocco
  • Soukaina Fahsi – Morocco
  • Faia Younan – Syria
  • Tribute to the word of the Raïssates “Raïssa Akiya Talbensirt – Raïssa Fatima Tihihit Titrit – Raïssa Khadija Taayalte – Orchestre Raïs Lahcen Belmouden” – Morocco

Al Wahda Square 20H30

  • Aytmaten – Morocco
  • Fantome – Morocco
  • La Chiva Gantiva – Colombia
  • Said Mosker – Morocco
  • Dj Samtrax / Kalamour VJ

Saturday 06 July

Al Amal Square 20H

  • Ahwach Asga Aoulouz – Morocco
  • Raïs Lhoucine Taouss – Morocco
  • The Original Waiters Feat. Al Anderson – Jamaica
  • Reda Taliani – Algeria
  • Fnaire – Morocco
  • Les Insoumises / Kalamour VJ



Celebrating the festival in 3 different sites:
The sites are located in the heart of the city and close to the tourist area.

Al Amal Square

At the corner of Avenue Mohamed V and Boulevard du Prince Héritier.
100,000 spectators

Green Theater

Avenue Mohamed V.
3000 spectators.

Al Wahda Square

At the corner of the boulevard of August 20 and the square Al Wahda.
30,000 spectators.
Free access to all concerts