Car Rental in Agadir, Morocco

If you’re headed to Agadir and want to explore Taghazout Imsouane on your own, you’ll need to rent a car in Agadir to make it happen!

Following my article How to get from Agadir Airport to Agadir?, I received by email a question: is it interesting to rent a car in Agadir and if so, how does it work? In this article, I give you tips on car rental in Agadir.

Do you need a car to get around Agadir?

AGADIR is a city of contrasts and according to the program of your stay, renting a car can be as much a hindrance as a necessary step.

On the other hand, if you plan to move away from the city centers a bit, renting a car can quickly become essential. Certain regions, such as TAGHAZOUT, IFNI, and IMSOUAN, are poorly served by public transport, with areas of forest or countryside with no station on the horizon.


Nature lovers who want to visit places like PARADISE VALLEY or IMSOUANE will save themselves some real hassles of transportation with a car.

The many small villages of the superb region are also difficult to visit without a vehicle. Likewise, MIRELEFT, for example, is more than 35 km from the nearest bus stop.

In short, you will understand, the need to rent a car in AGADIR depends above all on the planning of your stay, the city where you are going and your travel tastes (very “urban” stay or exploration of places more Offset).

How to rent a car in Agadir?

The easiest way is to make your reservation in advance online. You can either turn directly to an international car rental agency (Europcar, Sixt, Avis, Hertz, etc.) or use our listing to find the best local car rental companies, including Chnayti cars,Amarokcar…

When you are doing your quote, don’t just look at the car rental prices and the type of vehicle. Also, consider studying :

The opening hours of the rental agency: if your plane arrives late at night and the agency is already closed, this is not necessarily practical!
The conditions for picking up and returning the car: should you drop it off at the same place as where you picked it up, do you need another return point? What parts do you need to present to collect the vehicle?
The specific conditions related to your age or status: if you are young or have obtained your license recently, does the agency charge you more? Does it allow you to rent the vehicle you want? If you are more than one driver, what conditions apply to be covered?
The services offered (GPS, etc.): sometimes it is cheaper to buy a GPS than to rent a car with GPS… or, for people with children, to bring your car seat.
The duration of the rental: sometimes the car rental budget is more attractive by taking a full week of rental rather than 6 days, simply because the prices are decreasing. Feel free to do different simulations.
Possible limits in terms of mileage: beyond the rental period, are there any distances not to be exceeded?
Also, check how your insurance covers you when driving abroad: many car rental companies will try to offer you additional services, for example, full insurance in the event of damage… which can duplicate your insurance.

I hope these tips will help you hire a car in Agadir without a bad experience!