What are the best things to do in Agadir, Morocco?

Try to discover these places if you go to Agadir.

Agadir is a wonderful city located in the southwest of Morocco. It may not be a famous city, but it is an exclusive city for tourist The Agadir Travel Guide introduces you to the city of Agadir and its beautiful attractions. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a quiet city with modern culture. It is a well-equipped city with all the latest and modern amenities. This guide from Agadir will be really useful to all those who are planning their vacation and have not yet heard of this picturesque city.

Agadir has a very tragic origin. Due to the sudden catastrophe that occurred in 1961, an earthquake occurred that claimed the lives of many people. Then it was restored with the blessing of God and revolutionized using the latest technology and inventions. There are many places to visit for tourists. The atmosphere here is a little light and cold, but everyone likes it. Days and nights have their charm. Instead, look for the best ways to liven up your stay in this charming city in southwestern Morocco. Below are great things to do in Agadir that can lead to a perfect vacation:

Ride the Agadir waves (surf)

The coastline around the Agadir region of Morocco is full of beautiful places where you can surf. In 2006, great surfing talents played on the shores of Agadir, such as the WCT professionals from Billabong, Taj Burroughs and Sean Kendell. World-class surfing conditions on the coast of Agadir attract many fans of surfing, especially in the summer, when there are small waves around. These light waves are perfect for beginners who want to get a professional title of the day or want to have fun. Do you travel without a surfboard in your hands? No worries Some hotels in Agadir offer navigation aids that you can use when you cannot resist the seductive waves of Agadir.


Go to the New Talbourjt and chow

Travelers who have a low budget but who eat luxurious food in Agadir are not afraid. New Talbourjt restaurants are here to save your stomach from shortness of breath from hunger. Up to 35 dirhams, you can get delicious food that is enough to prepare you for fun in the sun. Many travelers to Morocco cannot help but return to New Tilburg because of the sumptuous dishes they are served, which cost very little. Even though the restaurants of this restaurant mainly serve Moroccan cuisine, you can also see French and other European dishes intended for Western customers. This is a good option for travelers who want to get out of their hotels in Agadir and enjoy delicious food for half the price they pay in the hotel restaurants.

Visit the Valley of the Birds

If you want to take your children on a journey and enjoy their stay in Agadir, then head straight to Bird Valley. This zoo, better known in the city as the Vale de Uazo, contains many interesting animals, from exotic birds to enchanting mammals such as the llama. Again, if you have a limited budget, but still want to spend your summer holidays full of flowers and flowers, then the Vallée des Oiseaux is the perfect place to explore. The admission fee for this small zoo is approximately three dirhams for children and five dirhams for adults. You see, this will not ruin your budget, and you can get children to do more than build sandcastles or play frisbee on the city beach. This attraction in Agadir is just a few minute’s walk from the beach of Agadir, and if you are lucky to have booked a room in one of the strategically located hotels in Agadir, you can get there faster.

Visit Croco park

Croco Park is the first crocodile park in Morocco. On nearly 4 hectares, There are up to 350 pieces, some of which already reach more than 3 meters and many plants conserved in 4 thematic gardens.

The visitor enters the “Crocopark” through a huge mouth of a crocodile, passing through a large entrance in the form of a forest, before arriving directly to a garden full of plants with crocodiles. A maze of paths and pedestrian bridges helps him watch reptiles while their daily preoccupations while lazing in the sun or while eating and seeing their powerful mouths.

Visit Agadir Ufella

you will have the opportunity to explore many exciting and outstanding buildings, such as Agadir Ufella, a beautiful and old-fashioned fortress with lively alleys and windings from which you can enjoy fabulous views of the Agadir city.  Agadir Oufella”, it is a chance you would have an overview of the city from a high spot.

Visit Agadir beach

Agadir is the best place for anyone who wants to spend a romantic holiday in a beautiful atmosphere of peace. Also, in Agadir, you will have the opportunity to enjoy many beautiful beaches. Agadir beach is the most famous, located in the city and where visitors can enjoy the magical moments in the sun. And at night, guests can enjoy beautiful walks on the beautiful and calm coast.

Visit Imouran beach

Taghazout, ideally located on the road to Essaouira, is one of the most famous resorts on the coast and has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. There is Imouran Beach, which is very famous among the Amazigh community because it is a symbol of love for them because they believe that this beach has witnessed a great love story between the Amazigh couple in the past. On all these beaches you will enjoy the many services available to satisfy all your wishes. Every day on the beaches of Agadir, an amazing improvement was observed as a result of several tourist projects.

Musee Bert Flint

After you’re done stuffing your face with fish, it’s time to visit one of the many museums they have here. You can start by hitting the Musee Bert Flint or Le Musse des Arts Bereres. Then you can go to Le Sicilien Coco Polizzi and then to Talborjt Museums. They have so many different museums to see in one area that you will have to spend a few days to make museums.

Souk Al Had

The Souk Al Had ( market) is one of the largest markets in all of Morocco and it is also one of the liveliest places in Agadir. It was built just after the 1960 earthquake and has grown each year to finally reach its current size.

You will find all kinds of local products available at low prices. There are of course the seasonal fruits and vegetables but you will also find tasty spices or artisanal products such as slippers, bags, djellabas…In a word, the Al Had souk is a colorful place and an essential place when you travel to Agadir!

jet ski

Explore the “windy city” of Agadir with a unique perspective during a 15 or 20-minute adventure. Discover the “marina”. Leave the frenzy of the city and enjoy thrills in jet ski!

Other things to do

Some interesting outdoor activities can be spent on vacations in Agadir. These include hiking that allows you to leave the city limits and take a stroll around Trout village. You can also take a boat trip around the Atlantic coast of the coast to enjoy the beautiful views of the city and surrounding area. This trip will allow you to try fishing and swimming. A Quad-biking tour will allow you to take an adventurous stroll through the dunes near the city and see life in Berber villages along the way.


These are places that the whole family will enjoy. However, it must be remembered that this city is also an ideal place to take a loved one for a romantic vacation. There are plenty of places to go to Morocco, but if you can choose just one, this should be the area you want to go to. You will find everything you need to have a wonderful and relaxing holiday, and you really can’t ask for anything else,