10 Best Things to Do in Agadir At Night

There are so many things to do in Agadir by night!


Agadir nightlife doesn’t have to be all about bars and clubs. There are plenty of neon light shows,
Agadir is one of the coastal towns of Morocco. The town boasts of numerous tourist attractions and is obvious liked by both foreigners and locals. If you visit Morocco, make sure that you visit this amazing city. These are the best 10 things you must do when you visit Agadir at night :
      1. Explore the city by the Sea

    Agadir has a number of beaches that you can go and swim at. Furthermore, you can go fishing in case you are not in the mood of swimming. August has the beaches busy as schools have just closed. The best beaches include the Agadir and Taghazout beaches. Both can be a great place to surf and have fun.

      1. See Agadir from Agadir Oufella

    Agadir Oufella called in Berber “Agadir at the top”, it’s a ruin and it’s one of the most beautiful and strategical places in Agadir, while you’re up there you will be able to see the whole city and also the seaside. With this elevation, you get a view of the town and all the beaches. It is an ideal place to watch the sunset as well as getting a cool fresh breeze from the sea.

      1. Dance the night away

    Agadir is a town with a rich culture. Boasting of numerous tourist attractions, Agadir has attracted many dancers and performers to entertain you through the night. The town has friendly people and does not be afraid to join the dances. You will get entertained through the night.

      1. Dine Out

    Agadir has a variety of foods to offer to you. Being a cosmopolitan, there are a variety of cultures and different cooking. Moreover, you will get delicacies of seafood.

      1. Coffee

    Alternatively, you can grab a cup of coffee in the restaurants as you walk around the city. Even more, a cup of coffee might be good to chase the cold away. You can also grab a cup of coffee as you walk around the famous Agadir Kasbah.

      1. Bolling

    This is a great means to relax and catch a break from the formalities of travel. There are various sports available too.

      1. Sunset Boat Tours

    Sunset with the sun shining on you at the sea In Agadir is an experience you can remember for your lifetime. There are many boats for rent available and people willing to take you through the sea. You can take pictures too during the sunset in the sea.

      1. Marina

    Marina is a good place to grab some sweet food and find out cafes or spas. It also has some boats where you can hire and make boat rides in the sea. Marina also offers a good view of the town.

      1. Fishing

    You surely do not fish to get food but have fun. If you wish, you can still make arrangements so that your catch is prepared for your supper. Alternatively, you can roast your catch in the campfire.

      1. Taking a free walking tour

    Agadir is a glistening city in the night. You can walk in the town and pass by the Souk El Had d’Agadir market and buy some souvenirs. You can also walk and see the Paradise beach and acquaint yourself with marine life.

Agadir is a popular place to visit and have a lifetime experience. It has numerous attractions apart from the ones mentioned herein. Undeniably, it is a destination that you will get the value for your time and money. With the 10 things to do in Agadir discussed herein, you will certainly be convinced to visit Agadir and witness the beauty of the place for yourself.